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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Although the law does not require that you utilize the services of an attorney when filing for bankruptcy, the fact is that many people can benefit from the advice and help of an experienced and successful bankruptcy lawyer. A veteran bankruptcy attorney who understands every aspect of the law can handle questions quickly and ably such as whether you should file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Bankruptcy law can be confusing and complex for those who lack experience in the area. A knowledgeable and practiced bankruptcy attorney can help ensure that you get the outcome that will best benefit you.

Averting Mistakes and Bad Decisions

Too many people who are going to file for bankruptcy make mistakes and engage in bad decisions prior to and during the process. A veteran bankruptcy attorney will ably advise you throughout the process, working to facilitate your bankruptcy in a timely fashion.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Some behaviors to avoid before filing for bankruptcy include:

• Maxing out your credit cards, especially on luxury or extravagant items
• Taking out payday loans
• Hiding assets
• Paying off loans from relatives and close friends
• Deciding not to file income taxes
• Withholding information on your bankruptcy petition or from your lawyer
• Making fraudulent statements on your bankruptcy petition

To their own detriment, many people engage in the above activities. A solid lawyer with experience in bankruptcy will advise you to bet truthful and thorough in every aspect of the process.

A Complete Petition

Working with a veteran bankruptcy lawyer will result in your petition being properly filled out and filed the first time. In order to complete your bankruptcy claim correctly, you must be specific, patient, and thorough. A smart and experienced bankruptcy attorney can facilitate this process for you.

Dealing with Creditors and the Trustee

Also, your attorney will act as the buffer and clear-minded, logical communicator with your creditors and your trustee. This is important, as your attorney has the opportunity to make sure that you go through your day-to-day routine without being interrupted by your creditors or distracted by the court. This will afford you peace of mind, which is extremely important when you are in such a situation. Plus, you’ll benefit from the services of an attorney who is totally committed to your welfare.

Planning for Your Future

Along with providing you with first-class legal services, a savvy bankruptcy attorney will work with you to plan your fiscal future. After someone files for and is granted bankruptcy, they can be totally overwhelmed by their feelings of loss and uncertainty. It is essential that you plan properly for your future and ensure your financial stability. Remember that bankruptcy signals a new beginning for you.

The Time is Right

Now is the time to contact a bankruptcy attorney at The Law Office of Kelley & Fulton. Our bankruptcy lawyers understand each and every aspect of the complex laws that govern the process and have a solid history of providing clients with premium services while ably ensuring that they realize the best possible outcome. We will facilitate your bankruptcy process in each and every way.

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