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What is the 341 Meeting of the Creditors?

You know about bankruptcy and you are in the process of filing for bankruptcy. But, one thing you may not see a lot of information on is the meeting of the creditors – often referred to as a 341 Hearing. The 341 meeting is a meeting where your trustee will ask you questions about your financial situation.

What is a 341 Meeting?

The meeting is called a Meeting of Creditors.  The Trustee conducts the meeting and creditors may also ask questions, while under oath, about your bankruptcy as well as your general financial situation.

Meeting of the Creditors
While it is called a creditor meeting, rarely do any creditors show up for this. These hearings often end up being very short and you are just answering questions with the trustee. He or she may have clarifications they need or they may ask for more information regarding assets, liabilities, and your income.

Where is the Meeting Held?

The court will mail you a notice letting you know the time and location of your meeting. This is sent after your paperwork is filed with the courts. No judge is present for this meeting; just the trustee. Most are held in offices and meeting rooms, but never courtrooms

What to Bring

Your attorney will provide you with a list of items you may need for your meeting – and he or she will be present, too. But, you must bring proof of identity such as your social security card or a tax return showing your social security number.

Top Questions Asked – And Questions You May Hear

Common questions asked in these types of meetings include:

  • Is everything in your bankruptcy papers correct?
  • Are all assets and properties listed in the paperwork?
  • Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past?
  • Are you obligated to pay child support or spousal support?
  • Have you filed your tax returns?
  • Did you add any new charges to credit cards you are filing bankruptcy on?
  • Have you transferred property prior to filing?
  • Do you own a business?

Have an Experienced Florida Bankruptcy Attorney by Your Side

If you are going to a meeting of the creditors, then you need an experienced attorney by your side. Contact the Law Office of Kelley & Fulton today for a no obligation consultation. We will meet with you, prepare your bankruptcy and represent you during your meeting of the creditors.