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Business Formation Attorney West Palm Beach: Business Organization Formation


Kelley & Fulton help you to organize your business by giving business formation advice in West Palm Beach, FL

The right business formation can help your company start right and remain competitive in its industry. At the Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton, we help our entrepreneur clients choose the right business entity that helps them succeed with their business ventures. But, we also do something else. We create long-lasting relationships with our clients, establishing a partnership, so that they can continue to grow their business with confidence.


How Our Business Formation Process Works

Business formation is a critical phase for any business. Our attorneys will advise clients and help guide them through the entity selection process. Selecting the right entity can help a business with taxes, protect it from liabilities, and even ensure growth in the future.

When you meet with an attorney at the Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton, we will sit down with you to discuss your business idea. Some questions we will ask include, but are not limited to:

  • What type of business do you want to open?
  • Do you know what liabilities your business already has?
  • Who will be the owners and will there be any partnerships/shareholders to consider?
  • Where do you plan to do business?
  • Do you need to acquire property or enter into a lease agreement for your business?

The answers to these questions help our attorneys determine which legal entity is right for your business— Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Corporation (C), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), S-Corp, etc.


Full-Service Business Formation Consultations

Our attorneys do not just advise our clients on what legal entity to choose — we also help them fulfill the requirements of that entity so that they get started on the right path. Our attorneys can help with every aspect of opening your business, from drafting bylaws to creating operational agreements to obtaining your Federal Employer Identification Number(s).


Additional Assistance for the Growing Business

As your business grows, you may have legal issues that arise. Or, your entity may need to change unexpectedly. For example, you may need to move from a sole proprietorship into a Limited Liability Corporation. To help you through each stage of your business’s growth and/or change, the Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton offer additional business services that include:

    • Contact Assistance
    • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
    • Corporate Transactions
    • Lease and Property Acquisitions
    • Business Litigation
    • Negotiation and/or Review of Lease Agreements


Contact the Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton at 561-693-0255 today for a no obligation consultation about your business venture today.