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Real Estate Lawyer West Palm Beach – Commercial, Business and Residential Lease


Real Estate Lawyers at The Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton has been representing residents of South Florida

The Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton draft, review and can help negotiate commercial, business and residential leases. Our experienced real estate professionals understand all of the tenant and landlord laws for the state of Florida and we provide expert representation during all lease-related disputes and transactions.


There will come a time that you will need to sign or draft a lease — whether it is for a business or residence. While some leases are fairly straightforward, others can contain complex language not easily understood. You need an experienced attorney that can help you decipher that language so that you can sign or draft a lease with confidence.


Commercial and Business Lease Agreements

Our attorneys assist local business owners, commercial landlords and franchise owners who are entering into a lease agreement. Most commercial leases are complex and have numerous practicalities and requirements not typical in a residential lease. Most commercial leases are customized to the property management company’s or landlord’s needs; therefore, a business owner needs an attorney that can help negotiate the terms of the contract so that they are more favorable for the tenant as well.
The Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton can handle all types of business and commercial lease agreements. Whether you need to draft an agreement for a commercial tenant or you need assistance negotiating better terms on your own lease agreement, we can help.


Residential Lease Agreements

Residential leases are used for single-family homes, duplexes, apartment complexes, and other residential properties. As a landlord, you need to protect your investment — which means ensuring tenants pay rent, the property is not damaged, and your landlord rights are protected. At the same time, your lease agreement must be in accordance with Florida tenant and landlord laws. The Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton can advise you on your rights, help draft solid rental agreements and represent you in court if ever a dispute occurs.


Contact the Law Offices of Kelley & Fulton today for a no obligation consultation by dialing 561-491-1200.